A little piece of history sitting casually on Bangkok’s beloved Sukhumvit street. A Cabaret Bar and restaurant with a unique history dating back to the 1960s. Shockingly, this bar pre-dates the Vietnam ‘era’.They are open nightly and offer an eclectic food menu, and of course, a full bar. The most compelling element of Checkinn99 is its live music from their Filipino band appropriately named “Music of the Heart”. You can feel the history when you walk into the venue. If you want to experience a non-pretentious, historic bar to casually have a drink in, we highly suggest stopping by for a beer.

P.S. Ask the management about the “Mama Noi Story”
Checkinn99 is located on Sukhumvit Road between Sois 5 and 7 directly opposite the Landmark Hotel hidden away behind a small single door entrance. The address is : 97 Sukhumvit Road, Bangkok.
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