Bangkok Dangerous?


Hey guys we figured that we make an entry that covers the situation in Bangkok. Keep in mind that the situation in Bangkok is just that, only in Bangkok and as far as travelers are concerned, simply a “situation”. Our team is on the ground in Bangkok and we have yet to see any of the protests having any real effects on the tourism industry. Our partners and operation are all still in business and despite what the news indicates there is no direct need to be concerned from a visiting point of view. The locations of the protests also are no where near where most visitors frequent.

Granted the news sources all across the world will have you believing that once landing in Bangkok you will be confronted with an array of heavy artillery, mass amounts of people screaming and throwing Molotov Cocktails at tanks, but it is simply not the case.

Should you be careful?

Well of course, but no more careful than if you were to walk a basic city street in London, Detroit, Chicago or Hong Kong… Keep in mind that this issue is political and domestic. We assume that anyone visiting Thailand from another country is most likely not doing so to get involved in domestic politics. You are not the target, nor is anyone really. However please feel free to check out some of these news sources that describe the situation, the history and the up to date news:

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